gcc-stdinc 1.0

How do I get the list of standard system include directories from gcc?

gcc-stdinc queries gcc for its standard system include directories and prints them to standard output

Download Link: gcc-stdinc-1.0.tar.gz


$ gcc-stdinc c++ 

Here is its usage information...

$ gcc-stdinc --help

gcc-stdinc 1.0
This is free software.  License is GPL2.

gcc-stdinc prints to standard output the list of system include paths that
are searched by the gcc preprocessor.

    USAGE: gcc-stdinc 

...where lang is one of "c", "c++" etc. (see man gcc -x option)

    EXAMPLE: gcc-stdinc c++

-Andrew Tomazos <andrew@tomazos.com>, Feb 2007

How do I automatically set my VIM path option to the standard system include directories of gcc?

Here is a snippet of how to do it from within a .vimrc file to set your vim path option to gcc's standard system includes when vim launches.

You will need a vim compiled with the +perl option. The vim-full package on most linux distributions will have +perl enabled.

# ~/.vimrc

perl << EOF
    my $std_inc_path = `echo | g++ -E -v -x c++ - 2>&1`;

    my $start_delim = '#include <...> search starts here:';

    my $end_delim = 'End of search list.';

    $std_inc_path =~ s/.*?\Q$start_delim\E(.*?)\Q$end_delim\E.*/$1/s;
    $std_inc_path =~ s/\s+/,/sg;
    $std_inc_path =~ s/(^\,)|(\,*$)//g;

    VIM::SetOption("path=.," . $std_inc_path . ",,");


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