Folderscope 1.0

Where can I download Folderscope?

You can download Folderscope from this link:

(800kb Microsoft Windows Installer - requires Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000)

What is Folderscope?

Folderscope is a free software utility for analyzing and reorganizing folders of any size. It is designed to work efficiently even with extremely large folders, and has been tested on a folder containing 800,000 files and 400 gigabytes of data. Folderscope presents the user a flat sortable list of all the files contained within a folder (including the files in any of its subfolders)...

Files and subfolders can then be browsed and marked in a variety of ways. Marked files can be copied, moved or deleted all-at-once. All changes are added to a scrollable Pending Changes list for inspectation before being committed.

What is Folderscope used for?

Folderscope is a general-purpose folder and disk management tool. Some common tasks are...

Who makes Folderscope?

Folderscope is developed by Tomazos Software Labs and produced by Andrew Tomazos. The product web site is and we offer free email technical support at We also welcome comments about Folderscope and feature suggestions at the same email address.

How much does Folderscope cost?

Folderscope 1.0 is a free software tool. You may use it and distribute it free of charge.

Where can I get more information about Folderscope?

A PDF manual is included in the installer and also available via this link:

If you have further questions or concerns about anything to do with Folderscope, please contact us at

(c) 2008, Tomazos Software Labs, Andrew Tomazos