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Competitive Programming Rankings

LeagueElo RatingWorld RankProfile
TopCoder Algorithm Div 1 (USA)14531840thlink
CodeForces Div 1 (Russia)17202091stlink
CodeChef Short (India)1268474thlink
CodeChef Long (India)2451405thlink

Letter of Recommendation from NASA and Harvard

Stanford Classes 2012

I am taking a bunch of Computer Science classes remotely at Stanford University as part of an experimental online pilot project...

Class Grade (%) Professor Certificate
Natural Language Processing 87.7 D. Jurafsky, C. Manning pdf
Game Theory 95.3 M. Jackson, Y. Shoham pdf
Automata 87.8 J. Ullman pdf
Logic 95.8 M. Genesereth pdf
Probabilistic Graphical Models 90.2 D. Koller pdf
Compilers 79.1 A. Aiken pdf
Machine Learning 99.9 A. Ng pdf
Cryptography 91.7 D. Boneh pdf
Algorithms I 98.0 R. Sedgewick pdf
Neural Networks 92.5 G. Hinton pdf
Functional Programming 100.0 M. Odersky pdf
Hetrogenous Parallel Programming TBD Wen-mei Hwu TBD


Folderscope is a Windows File Management utility.

In 2008 I held a software concept competition to find an idea for a new software product. 1100 entries were received.

The winning entry of that competition was a description of a tool later named Folderscope. It is for analyzing, reorganizing and backing up large folders of files.

I have since implemented Folderscope, and it is available for download. For more information or to download Folderscope please come to the product web site at Folderscope 1.0 is made available for use free-of-charge.

Folderscope Source Code on GitHub


Tomazos Binary Tree Traverse simulatenously walks a binary tree in preorder, inorder and postorder in O(n) time while using only O(1) space. In fact the iterator uses only 2 bits of space and a pointer to the current node.


angloname<T> is a paper and demo entitled: Existing C++ Compile-Time Reflection Demo Of Built-In Type Introspection Using Compile-Time Strings, Variable Templates and Type Deduction

QtDirectX11WidgetDemo is a demo of using a DirectX Direct3D pipeline and shader to display 3d graphics in a QWidget.

C++11 Variadic Templates Example a function (using variadic templates) that takes a string containing a number of placeholders and a corresponding number of other parameters (perhaps non-pod) and returns a string with the placeholders replaced with stringified versions of the parameters.

C++ Primitive Integer and Built-In Operator Type Coercion and Result: We look at a concrete implementation of the C++ primitive integer types and the resultant type and value of some of the unary and binary builtin operators. ie given a of type A and b of type B and the operator x, what is the type and value of (a x b). is a shell script that will download the Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Server CD image and remaster it to install unattended

simplec 1.0 is a compiler/interpreter for a toy language. It demonstrates very basic compiler construction. simplec is built with bison (yacc) and flex (lex) in C and C++. The input file is parsed into a syntax tree and then walked to execute the statements. SimpleC Source Code on GitHub

gcc-stdinc 1.0 is a script that queries gcc (or g++) for it's system include directories and prints them out neatly one-per-line to standard output. Also included is a snippet showing how to do this from a VIM .vimrc file to set your VIM file search path.

Sliding Grid Puzzle is a web puzzle whereby you slide pieces in a grid to try to return them to their home positions (also called the N-puzzle or 15-puzzle). It demonstrates Javascript, XHTML, DOM, CSS and PHP.

jjrun 1.0d1 is a command-line harnass for the Java Compiler Compiler (JavaCC). It lets you run JavaCC with the semantics and ease of an interpretter. It uses bash/make to automagically regenerate a Makefile to do all the heavy-lifting. It is presently part of the development source tree of JavaCC which means it will be integrated into the next release.


In 2005 I wrote a series of articles about programming and the computing industry, as part of the now defunct "Internet Knowledge Base" project:

1.7 Segmail Email Authentication System

1.6 Sun and Java 5 Language Proper

1.5 File Type, Standards and Control

1.4 A Web Site as a Computer Program

1.3 Binary Data through to Source Code

1.2 Genetic Algorithms and Cake Baking

1.1 The Human Brain and Computer as Cascading Computation

There is more stuff in the Internet Knowledge Base Archive


Mar 24, 2010
Mobile VoIP Solutions - IPTOGO Chooses Qnective: A deal struct while I was Chief Technical Officer of Qnective Inc[QNTV] to distribute our Skype-like communications software in the US and Latin America.

Sep 18, 2009
Folderscope - Complete File And Folder Management Tool: One of the reviews of my Folderscope tool.

Jan 1, 2008
BridgeCo announces the JukeBlox Platform (I named JukeBlox, and implemented many of the network audio components including Pandora and Rhapsody)

June 6, 2005
Andrew Tomazos launches Email Newsletter for Internet community

Jul 1, 2004
OSDC 2004 Perl Paper Reviewer

Feb 22, 2003
Towel attack and filmmaking share the goal of a winning flick
Sydney Morning Herald, Full Page, Page 3.

Aug 30, 2000
Interarchy debuts as Internet tool
(See notes under Previous Projects below.)

Apr 25, 2000
Keynote Speaker at Apple University Consortium 2000, AUC Review (Page 5)

Dec 1, 1998
Anarchie Pro 3.0 Press Release
(Later renamed to Interarchy at, See notes under Previous Projects below.)

Commercial Projects and Employers

Qnective Inc [QNTV]
Oswald Ortiz, CEO, Switzerland
Worked for Qnective Inc (QNTV) on an infinitely scalable cross-platform client-server software that provides vertically integrated (turn key) secure realtime communications (voip) / messanging targeting mobile and desktop.

Intel Capital Portfolio Company: BridgeCo
Wilco Van Hoogstraten, Senior Vice President Of Engineering, Switzerland
An Intel-backed startup doing some exciting things in the Internet, Music and Consumer Electronics spaces. I am was working on a 1.5 million line real-time embedded linux C++ codebase with them from 2005 to 2008.

John Benson, CEO, London
A job and career site for the banking & finance industry. 100,000 candidates. 2000 jobs. Average job salary US$120,000. Provided online marketing strategy and international site design for merger of US property

Kee Nethery, CEO, California
An online web store and payment processing service. Online credit card orders. 7000 vendors. Provided basis design for current flagship product, a software library that takes credit card payments within vendor software.

Peter N Lewis, Managing Director, Australia
A Macintosh program for setting up web sites and other networking stuff. 650,000 users. Managed product and marketing to an eight-fold revenue increase from 1997 to 2003. The rights to Interarchy were bought out in Feb 2007 by Matthew Drayton and Nolobe Pty Ltd.

Effective Towel Flicking
Michael Sharman, Co-Director
A short educational film teaching introductory techniques in the art of towel flicking. Co-directed and presented piece. Came 2nd out of 750 entries in the worlds largest short film festival. Recieved award from Russell Crowe in front of audience of 100,000 people.

Perl Monks
I am a level 11 (Chaplain) at my local Perl monastery.

I have been in the top 2% of people lacking social skills since 1989.

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